AGE: 40

LOCATION: Coolum, QLD BLIND AUDITIONS SONG: 'Jealous Guy' - John Lennon


About Edit

Darren has always been musical. His parents will tell you that he was singing before he could talk. When the family relocated to Mexico for a number of years Darren spent his time jamming with his brother on home-made instruments. Moving back to Australia when he was 12, Darren found refuge in the piano and singing. Performing art school soon followed, after which Darren began working professionally. In the past 22 years he has made his living from performing and doing back-up vocals. He's never had a day job. Though successful, Darren has always been over looked by industry execs because he doesn't have the right look or meet the commercial music criteria. Now a family man, Darren longs for the success he's always dreamed about.

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