Season 4
File:Delta S4.png

Team DeltaEdit

In or Out
Nicolas Duquemin In
Rik-E-Ragga In
Lyndall Wennekes In
Mikhail Laxton In
Fem Belling In
Grace Pitts In
Stephen McCulloch In
Caleb Jago-Ward In
Keely Brittain Out
Jo De Goldi Out
James Sieff Out

Season 2

Team DeltaEdit

In or Out
Steve Clisby In
Celia Pavey In
Anna Weatherup Out
Nathan Allgood Out
Tim Morrison Out
Jackie Sannia Out
Ben Goldstein Out
Rob Edwards Out
Josh Kyle Out
Sophie Phillis Out
Oscar Chavez Out
Jenna Dearness-Dark Out
Luke Mansini Out
Mitchell Steele Out

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